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24 Hour Emergency Plumber in Atlanta

Trusted friends are pretty hard to come by in life. Yeah, lots of people say they’ve ‘got your back,’ but when you’re in a tight fix, they’re nowhere to be found. Am I right? And can you imagine a worse kind of ‘fix’ than when the plumbing decides to go kaput?

A busted water heater during a deep freeze, a ruptured sewer line on your daughter’s wedding day, or worse, a hazardous gas leak? In situations like these, you need a plumber you can rely on 100% . . . someone who won’t leave you stranded knee-deep in water . . . someone who’s definitely ‘got your back,’ rain or shine, 24/7 here in metro Atlanta.

Atlanta Plumber Service Repair

Specializing in 24-hour same-day emergency, commercial/residential repairs, general service, and all manner of plumbing problems including leaks, drain and pipe cleaning, tankless water heater installation/repair, sewer/water line repair and service, as well as fixture installation and everything else under the sun. The Georgia Plumber is not only held in the highest regard across the greater Atlanta area, but throughout the entire state of Georgia.

Meet Stephen Thompson, Master Plumber

Local, honest plumber in Atlanta, GA.

A Master Plumber is a person who performs or contracts to perform professional plumbing services. A Master Plumber must have the education, direct working experience and be able to pass a Contractor’s exam based on Georgia Business and Law. In addition to his qualifications, Stephen is an honest, reliable, no-nonsense, plumber conveniently located in the Atlanta metro area. So next time your plumbing needs service, reach out to The Georgia Plumber . . . he’s always ready to answer any questions and make room in his schedule to help.

Did you know that your favorite residential plumber is also available as a commercial contractor? The Georgia Plumber is fully licensed, insured and bonded to provide plumbing services for general contractors who need a good solid company to work with them on new construction, renovations and remodeling projects. Contractors if you need a plumber for your next commercial job, please call  (678) 767-9000 or email to arrange for a free estimate

When you need a plumber, you can always trust The Georgia Plumber — We Guarantee It.