How To Choose a Residential Water Filter

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Installing a water filter in your home will improve the taste of your drinking water and help remove any dangerous microorganisms which could have made it through the municpal’s treatment. If you haven’t purchased a residential water filter before, you might be surprised at just how many different types there are. To learn more about what to look for in a water filter, keep reading and we’ll reveal how to choose the one that’s right for your family.

Carbon Filter

The most common type of water filter used in homes are carbon based. These are inexpensive, effective and easy to install. While there are many different types of carbon water filters, most of them operate by forcing the water to pass over a charcoal medium to filter out any impurities. Compared to other types, carbon filters lasts for quite a long time without requiring to be replaced. This can be both a good and bad feature, as some individuals allow their carbon filter to develop mold from sitting in the faucet for too long.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

An alternative to a carbon filter is one which uses reverse osmosis. Basically, these filters work by passing the water through an extremely fine membrane to filter out the microorganisms and impurities present in the water. Instead of collecting these contaminants, a reverse osmosis filter flushes them outwards and away. Hands down, this is one of the most effective forms of water filtration there currently is. Although, one of the disadvantages associated with a reverse osmosis filter is the length of time it takes to work.

What To Look For in a Water Filter

Many individuals purchase water filters without factoring into account the cost of filter replacements. Before buying a new water filter, check to see how often the filter will need to be replaced. Remember, it’s not going to do you or your family any good if you don’t keep a fresh filter installed, so go ahead and purchase several replacement filters when you initially get your water filtration system.

Also, you may want to get online to read reviews of any water filter you’re thinking of purchasing. A simple search online should reveal hundreds or even thousands of customer reviews for some of the top water filters on the market. This will give a pretty good idea as to how well it worked for others.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the different types of water filters available. When choosing one, take into consideration how often you’ll be using it and how frequently the filter requires changing.

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