Sump Pumps

Zoller Sump Pump ImageYou know how in movies and cartoons when someone’s in a sinking boat, they’re usually trying to bail the water out using a metal bucket? Amusing for sure, but it would have been much easier if they had a sump pump, don’t you think? Alright, maybe sump pumps are a bit more practical in a home . . . like yours for instance. You do have one right?

Capable of saving home and business owners thousands of dollars a year in damage caused by flooding brought on by heavy Spring rain (usually between March and May), sump pumps help to efficiently remove any groundwater that’s accumulated around your property or even worse, inside the house. Ideal for homes built on flat, low-lying ground, or for areas of the country that experience lots of intense rain, having a handy sump pump available in case you need it not only makes bailing unwanted water and accumulated moisture much easier, it’ll protect the very foundation of your home. That alone makes having a sump pump truly invaluable.

To ensure that your sump pump is in good working order, make sure you inspect it for normal wear and tear each year. And don’t let a recent drought fool you into thinking that an inspection isn’t necessary . . . droughts always come to an end eventually, and the first sign of a downpour is no time to find out that your sump pump is ‘on the fritz.’

If you don’t already own a sump pump to protect your home, then they’re certainly worth investing in. If you’re interested in having one installed or getting your existing one repaired or brought up to speed, then give the Georgia Plumber a ring. We’re here to answer any questions you have, and provide the kind of top-quality plumbing service that simply can’t be matched. 678-767-9000.