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Installation of Easy Water No-Salt Water Conditioning System

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 19, 2010

Austin, Texas — 1st Plumbing Services has been selected as the exclusive plumbing dealer for the Easy Water system in Austin, Texas. The Easy Water system is a revolutionary alternative to salt-based water softeners. The Easy Water No-Salt Water Conditioning System keeps beneficial minerals, such as calcium and magnesium in your water, without them resulting in hard water buildup.


“Our customers are looking for plumbing solutions that help eliminate hard water buildup,” says Stephen Harwell, master plumber. “Pipes and faucets tend to clog when exposed to calcium and magnesium in hard water on a continual basis. We clear clogs in drains and faucets for customers and recommend maintenance solutions that help them improve the plumbing in their home.”


Traditionally, the solution to hard water buildup has been installing a water softener in your home. Homeowners with health issues, such as high blood pressure, do not want to add salt to their water. Now customers can choose a water conditioning system that doesn’t use salt and keeps the beneficial minerals in your water.


“This was a natural solution for us,” said Barry Wurzel, President of 1st Plumbing Services. “At 1st Plumbing Services, we focus on solving customer’s plumbing issues and providing quality repairs and maintenance cost effectively. We are excited to introduce plumbing solutions like the Easy Water system that are environmentally responsible and beneficial to our customer’s health and plumbing systems.”


About 1st Plumbing Services


1st Plumbing Services is a full service plumbing and maintenance company providing quality plumbing services to residential and commercial customers in Austin, Texas and Bentonville, Arkansas. The plumbers at 1st Plumbing Services are professional technicians, highly skilled in plumbing repairs, maintenance and installation, utilizing modern tools and equipment to solve residential and commercial plumbing problems. Residential services include diagnosing plumbing problems, repairing and replacing plumbing fixtures as well as installation of new plumbing appliances. We offer comprehensive plumbing repair and maintenance to commercial clients-from backflow prevention devices installation, repaint and testing to auto-sensored faucets and plumbing fixtures. In addition we offer preventative maintenance programs. Find out more about the extensive range of plumbing services offered on our website.


About Easy Water


The Easy Water No-Salt Water Conditioning System was developed by FREIJE Treatment Systems, a leading innovator in environmentally sustainable water treatment. For many years, the company served commercial clients such as Wal-Mart, Frito Lay and Motel 6. FREIJE Treatment Systems launched their residential division and introduced the Easy Water system to provide residential customers with an environmentally friendly, healthier and more cost effective solution for conditioning their water without introducing salt or chemicals.


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