Watch What You Flush Down The Toilet!

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A single individual living in a house can go for nearly a decade without the need to have their septic tank worked on. Families with 2 or more will require more frequent maintenancing at once every 5 years or so. However, if you aren’t careful with what you flush down the toilet, you could find yourself calling a septic tank company and plumber much sooner than this. To learn more about what’s acceptable to flush and what’s not, keep reading.

Paper Towels

Many individuals think that paper towels are acceptable to flush because they’re similar to toilet paper. The thing it, though, they are SIMILAR to toilet paper, yet aren’t the same. Toilet paper is made to be more tough and durable to soak in moisture without ripping. On the other hand, toilet paper is made to be soft and easily biodegradable so they will breakdown in septic tanks.

Kitty Litter

No one likes the smell of kitty litter, but this doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to flush down the toilet. Most litter is made up of a clay-like material that doesn’t pass properly through the pipes within your home. Instead of traveling to the septic tank, they get stuck in the pipes where they can back up your toilet.

Grease and Cleaning Chemicals

You may not think much about it, but flushing harsh chemicals down the toilet can prevent your septic tank from doing its job properly. Instead of flushing that cooking grease down the toilet, either throw it away or empty it in your backyard.


Contrary to popular belief, cigarette butts are not in fact biodegradable. If you flush them down your toilet, they will travel to your septic tank where they’ll sit until it’s pumped. Be sure toput your cigarette out and place it in an ash tray until you’re ready to empty it.

What’s Okay To Flush Down The Toilet?

The answer to this question should be pretty obvious to most people – bodily waste, toilet paper and water. While most people would assume this is common sense, you would be surprised at the stuff frequently flushed down the toilet. From clothes and toys to last nights dinner, some things simply aren’t off limits when it comes to flushing the toilet. By taking the time to dispose of these items properly rather than flushing them down the toilet, you’ll find that your septic tank and plumbing system will last longer and work more efficiently.

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