What is a Pressure Regulator Valve?

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Unless your home uses a well system to draw water, chances are you have a pressure regulator attached to your main water line. Whether you’ve seen it or not, most plumbing systems use this valve to regulate the amount of incoming water pressure. Without one, there would either be too little or too much pressure for the water faucets in your home to work properly. To learn more about what exactly a water pressure regulator is and the purpose it serves, keep reading.

Purpose of a Pressure Regulator Valve

As the name suggests, a pressure regulator valve regulates the amount of water coming into a home’s plumbing system. Every home built in the U.S. must contain one of these valves to be in compliance with code. Without a regulator valve, there would be simply too much pressure which could potentially damage your pipes and fixtures.

Broken Pressure Regulator Valve

If you’ve noticed the water pressure in your home dropping, it could be related to a broken or damaged pressure regulator valve. Does your shower head and sink faucets trickle water out with less force than they originally had? If so, you may want to have a professional come and inspect your pressure regulator valve. A new valve should last for 10+ years without giving you any trouble, but they can and will break on occasion.

Even though a pressure regulator valve should last you for 10+ years, some manufacturers recommend changing them out every 5 years. This will ensure no corrosion or other damage has taken place.

Along with low water pressure, there are some other signs you should look our for which could be a result of a broken pressure regulator valve. Banging noises coming from your pipes, leaking pipes and vibrating pipes are some of the most common signs.

How To Fix a Broken Pressure Regulator Valve

In the event that your pressure regulator is broken, you can try to tackle the problem by replacing it yourself or hiring a professional. Replacing one is fairly straight forward and involves turning off the water to your house, draining the lines and replacing the valve. However, if you don’t have any plumbing experience, you may have difficulty removing and installing a new valve. When in doubt, call a professional to come and inspect your system. They’ll know exactly what type of valve to replace it with and the proper steps in order to do so. In addition, a professional plumber will know what PSI to set your new regulator at.

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